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Who Will  Stop The Tide OFilth And  Corruption ?

Has The Police Academy Told You The Following Propaganda...
- From A Former Police Officer -
"You're the "Thin Blue Line" and if it were not for you, the citizens would destroy themselves."
"You are no longer "citizens," because you are now an entity of Government on a "Higher Level" than citizen, so that you can supervise them for their own good."
"The citizens do not trust you, you can only "trust" your fellow officers to come to your aid if you need help."
"The citizens do not understand your stresses, and you will find it easier to socialize with your own fellow officers."
In effect, the Police are being made into a "SPECIAL CLASS" and are being "separated" from the common people and their neighbors.
IN THE FUTURE : "You will be asked to do some things one day, that you wouldn't want to do, and wouldn't like to do, but if we did not perform these things that we were told to do, then our nation would be destroyed."

Today the brutality that is being "Forced" on the American People is all being done by the "Wasps" who are the "Enforcers" who have only one purpose..., and that is to "Serve" and "Protect" the "System" that they work for and that pays them, which is NOW the greatest criminal enterprise on the face of the entire earth.

When will these ENFORCERS ever wake up and take a look at their very own history? The Police... The "POLE-ICE" have always been the "Key-Stone" for Destruction for ALL the nations of the world throughout all time. You name it, Rome, France, NAZI Germany, East Germany, Russia, Poland, etc. etc. all were all sold out... by these "sell-outs" and and enemies of Freedom.

For any of those honorable police officers who are still out there, if there are any left, Thank You for serving with Honor and please, keep up the good work.
-- Author Unknown

People Running Into A Hole

"The First Thing We Must Do If We Hope To Survive, Is To Learn And Then Understand The True nature of  law."
-- dezert-owl
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