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9/11: Truth Or Con-sequences

Welcome to this web radio presentation called “9/11: Truth Or Consequences”. The purpose of our program is to establish the need for a true, authentic, independent 9/11 investigation. We will provide a broad array of knowlegde on the faults of the 9/11 Commission, questions presented by 9/11 family members, and admissions by Commission members on the failures and incompleteness of their investigation, and much more. We will consider the challenges from the corporate and alternative media, and public resistance due to psychological barriers which confront the quest for truth and transparency and present solutions for overcoming these challenges. We will discuss the underlying geo-political reality and historical context of war-making incidents which helps us to understand 9/11 and its implications. We will review the many disturbing consequences of 9/11 as a catalyst for war, economic upheaval, and the loss of civil liberties. All information will be fact-based, not theories. Our premise is that this analysis, as well as the drive for a new, comprehensive 9/11 investigation, is our best means of reclaiming the promise of a functional democracy, restoring the Constitution, and reshaping our present and future to benefit the people and the planet. Finally, we will present action ideas which will empower people to fulfill their role in this historic effort for truth and justice for 9/11, the most consequential event of our time.

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