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America's Brutal Prisons
Torture In American Prisons


Everyone should be concerned about "America's Brutal Prisons;" as from behind "The Green Wall," comes THE MOST POWERFUL EXPOSE EVER by X-Prison Guard, D J Vodicka, on the worst prison systems in the world. They are NOT built nor intended to rehabilitate, but instead, behind it all, lies one of the greatest "experiments" on human psychology, behavior, slave labor, torture, and mind-control EVER.

How can it be, that the people who are in control today, are actually more criminal and more sinister in their behavior, than the very people that they are supposed to house and "protect"?  May God Help, "our" helpless prisoners in America today, who are now reduced to being captured "chattel" property and legally DEAD, while approximately seventy percent of those who are in prison today are actually INNOCENT of having committed any real crime!!!

So now that the REAL Truth is "known," who will go after the REAL criminals who are standing there holding those precious keys over Life and Death?

Thank You D. J. Vodicka, our Number One Prison Guard in America Today, for being so brave and coming out, while Breaking their C-O-D-E- of silence; YOU are Truly An American Hero! No American, nor anyone else for that matter, deserves to be T.o.r.t.u.r.e.d..., EVER.

dezert-owl, A Survivor of  Torture
Int'l Radio Host/ Producer of  www.TheREALPublicRadio.Net
We Are All Doing Time !

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